Why Adopt

Adopt – don’t purchase!

So many abandoned and abused animals need good homes, please consider adopting a pet from a shelter near you. There are hundreds of thousands of abandoned, homeless, or unwanted animals sitting in shelters across the country. Too often someone takes on a pet without understanding what’s involved in their care, or how to keep them from wandering away. Older pets are the hardest to place, too many people have their heart set on a new puppy or kitten. Often those puppies and kittens end up in the shelter because people don’t understand how to properly house train them.

Consider an older pet, they’re usually already trained, already matured, and will more readily adjust to their new surroundings. Older pets end up abandoned because of life or location changes, they end up turned loose to fend for themselves and then are often considered a nuisance. Indifference is a killer, pets that end up unclaimed are often euthanized due to lack of room or resources. You can make a difference, go down and check out the many beautiful animals in a shelter near you, you’ll be amazed at what you find. More than likely, you’ll find the friend you’ve been looking for.

Ensure a match, choose a pet that matches your lifestyle….

There are as many personalities types in pets as there are in people. Choosing a pet should not be an impulsive decision, please think about what you want in a friend first. If you live in an apartment, then a Great Dane may not be the best choice, if you are a couch potato, a Jack Russell Terrier or Australian Cattle Dog are probably a poor choice. If you like to run, a Chihuahua could be a mistake.

Many pets end up abandoned because people didn’t understand what was involved in their care, and many of these are euthanized when a better home isn’t found. An energetic dog should not be left alone all day, nor should a Basset Hound be expected to compete in an agility contest. There are lots of books about dogs and cats in bookstores like Barnes and Noble or Borders, or available online at sites like Amazon. Do a little research before you adopt to be sure your relationship will be lifelong.

Shelter pets are the best kind… see for yourself.